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About Hoosier Jiffy Print

Company History

          In order to form a company capable of maintaining a technical edge over its competitors, Wally Rec of Hoosier Reproduction and Jiffy Print merged in 2004 to form Hoosier Jiffy Print.  The staff of Hoosier Jiffy Print is a combination of many community printers.  Our highly competent team of employees has over 100 years of experience combined.  This experience allows for better quality, faster turnaround and excellent customer service.  To keep competitive, Hoosier Jiffy Print will continue to grow and adapt to the ever-changing technology of the printing business.


Walter Rec - Founder  

          A pressman since age 17 and known for his printing abilities, purchased Hoosier Reproduction / Hoosier Jiffy Print in 1999 and owned the business until 2012.  His leadership, work ethic and vision for the company will be remembered and followed for many years to come.  Wally, an avid supporter of local business and charities, will be missed by his friends and his community.